The team
The Team shows how members of a new Kenyan football club learn to deal with their tribal, ethnic, social and economic divisions.
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  1. Rada
    Alafu saa kujoin the team ni how??
    Mnatujenga lakini

    Vincent Mwaka
  2. helloo team…waks enu ikoh dope ju u xana…kip on.En mnapatikana fb
    justus nwoye
  3. maxe mko dope juu xana,,,,i lyk ua wak…fb kweli mnapatikana
    justus nwoye
  4. Meru makutano
    Hi mko yuu 2qurukia
  5. Nyi wasee mko dope tu sana jo mwendelee ivo ivo tufike uko yuu
  6. hi, where can i get your(CD) it very nice and i need to teach my fellow youth
    kepha karanja
  7. Wazito mko juu sana,mnatufanya proud na job yenu and tunakuwish tu life poa in ur day to day workz
    Daniel obunga
  8. Hae the team, could you kindly assist me with inf.on the origin and development of these Sheng words:doo, chapaa, mkwanja,ponyi,k arao and sansee..thanx.
  9. Hi Jason, the name of the actor is 'Oli'

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