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The Team Community Outreach Activities


Efforts to promote peaceful coexistence in communities have been taken a notch higher by The Team Producers, MFA and SFCG. Just Before the 2013 general elections, the number of locations targeted was increased to 16 from the previous 8, the number of participants per session increased to 80 from the prior 70, and elders were also included in the sessions, making the forums both inter-ethnic and inter-generational.  Post-election activities are also planned.


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Episode 1 (community advocacy)

We find Imani FC in Ben’s village after he has just won the election.  The victory is so inspiring; the team members want to stay together during the break to continue working on other activities that might help other communities. Convincing Mr. Bukenya to go along with this idea becomes a challenge.  This episode illustrates how playing sports is a unifier.


Episode 2 (Stereotyping)

Meera’s father is concerned that Meera will stay in Kenya and marry an ‘African.’ Meanwhile Meera is having second thoughts about leaving The Team.  AT the same time, Beth is having enormous difficulty with her parents accepting Ahadi, a Somali, as their future son-in-law.  This episode shows the negative outcome of prejudice when people are dug in to their attitudes about ‘the other.”


Episode 3 (reunion)      

Ben reaches out to the same people who were planning to attack him by getting youth from his tribe and Bajil’s to work together for the good of the community.   At the same time, Ahadi is arrested for no apparent reason but Beth’s father assumes he’s done something terrible.   The revelation that Bukenya is Abbas’ dad throws Abbas into a state of confusion. He experiences an identity crisis and does not know how to handle the information leaving him angry and withdrawn.


Episode 4 (mutual interest/prejudice)

This episode shows deep-seated prejudice is an insidious enemy and it shows itself at all levels and situations for instance,as  Abbas’ attitude towards Ben’s new ‘bodyguards and Beth’s father’s negative attitude toward Ahadi. Ben’s work with the community council shows how people can change this. 


Episode 5 (Respect)

There are many ways that respect plays a part in the building of a nation.  The corrupt police who allowed Mamu to walk out show a distinct lack of respect for the public leaving it to Barua, a good cop, and a member of the public, Kezia to make things right. 


Episode 6 (Resolving Differences)

A common problem – the elopement of Ahadi and Beth --- brings their parents together to work on a solution. 


Episode 7 (Response in Crisis)

Johari’s kidnapping puts a strain on the relationship and trust that Ben and Bajil were trying to rebuild.  Ben reverts to the tribal prejudice he is trying to get rid of in his community. Fear shows how quickly one can turn back to all prejudices when faced by a trying situation.


Episode 8   (Fear of Other)

This episode shows how a fragile peace is difficult to maintain in a community riddled with fear of the ‘other.’   Bajil’s elders start to arm themselves for fear that they will be suspected of Johari’s kidnapping.  


Episode 9   (The meaning of community)

The team plays a fundraiser to raise money for Johari as the entire community joins together to search for her.  


Episode 10 (Ethnic Tensions and Solutions)

The police and the community work together to find the missing Johari. 


Episode 11 (Community vs Individual)

Mamu is punished for her crimes.  Meera pleads with her parents vis-à-vis her relationship with the other members of the Team.  When Ahadi confronts Beth’s father regarding the father’s choice to boycott the wedding, the conversation does not end well.


Episode 12 (Choices)

Because Ahadi lingered by Beth’s family house, he witnessed Beth’s father being mugged and chose to intervene.  Ahadi was badly cut in the melee.  Beth’s father accepts that he was being unreasonable and apologizes to Ahadi. Mamu is found dead in her jail cell. Bukenya and Abbas have a heart to heart talk on the choices one makes in life. 


Episode 13 (Future challenges)

The members of the new council are announced.  Socorro tries to sabotage the water project and nearly succeeds.  The people of Ben’s village are happy to have a successful project, which was made by a joint effort of young people from each tribe.    Everyone is brought together to celebrate the wedding of Beth and Ahadi.  Even Meera’s parents attend.  Just when all is well, Bukenya has a heart attack.