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The Team Community Outreach Activities


Efforts to promote peaceful coexistence in communities have been taken a notch higher by The Team Producers, MFA and SFCG. Just Before the 2013 general elections, the number of locations targeted was increased to 16 from the previous 8, the number of participants per session increased to 80 from the prior 70, and elders were also included in the sessions, making the forums both inter-ethnic and inter-generational.  Post-election activities are also planned.


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Tell Us

Telis (General Manager):  Telis has the opportunity to go abroad to improve his management skills. He leaves Lulu in the care of her grandmother with mixed results.


Beth: (Coach):  Beth came into her own as a coach in season 2, winning the admiration of the players both on and off the pitch.  In season 3, her personal life goes through a dramatic shift when she accepts the marriage proposal of Ahadi, who is a member of a tribe not her own.


Johari and Ben:  Twins whose middle class lives were shattered when they and their parents were chased from their homes.  In season 2, the ‘other tribe’ invites the family to return and rebuild.  Johari, always the peacekeeper, agrees.  Ben, who harbored resentment, not only has a turn around but he runs for a seat on the local council in the bi-election and wins. In season 3, Ben is challenged by the rigors of office and both Johari and Ben are haunted by deep seated prejudice. 


Bajil:  Ben’s long time best friend.  In season 2, we learn that he was among those from the “other tribe” who chased Ben and Johari from their home. He deeply regrets his actions and works hard to rebuild the trust that had been lost. In season 3, he risks losing the support of ‘his’ tribe by working on behalf of all of the community. 


Tina: In season 2, we saw Tina confront the rape that had haunted her.  She accepts a job at a rape-counseling clinic but remains connected to Imani FC.  In particular she helps Kezia, her former nemesis, when she is confronted by a very difficult decision that could change her life.


Kezia: Out of a desperate need to support herself and her brother, Kezia took a side job as a dancer in a bar which exposed her to people who exploit women, sell drugs or who are involved in other unsavory acts.  She must choose between her love of someone in that life, someone who will bring her down and something better. 


Abbas:  In season 2, Abbas learns that Juma was his mother’s husband but not his biological father.  In this season, he learns the identity of his biological father and has a difficult time with the relationship particularly because this man is of another tribe.


Oliver – “Oli”:   At the end of season 2, Oli broke his leg in the final match. In season 3, Oli is side-lined as a player but he makes himself very useful to the team by making a documentary about Imani FC.


Meera:  A Kenyan of Indian descent, Meera finds herself at one of life’s crossroads.  In spite of her scholarship to a western university, she finds herself wanting to put off her academic studies for a semester in order to stay with Imani FC, a decision which puts her at odds with her conservative Indian parents.