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The Team Community Outreach Activities


Efforts to promote peaceful coexistence in communities have been taken a notch higher by The Team Producers, MFA and SFCG. Just Before the 2013 general elections, the number of locations targeted was increased to 16 from the previous 8, the number of participants per session increased to 80 from the prior 70, and elders were also included in the sessions, making the forums both inter-ethnic and inter-generational.  Post-election activities are also planned.


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This series is a metaphor of Kenyan society. The team members and the coach have been brought together from many of Kenya’s tribal groups to play together on a co-ed league. The league has been formed and financed by a group of wealthy international philanthropists and businessmen who believe sport will be a way to neutralize the ethnic hatred that shook Kenya after the last elections.

The characters are from broken families, even as Kenya itself, is a broken country. In that way, the team becomes a surrogate family for our players. They all want a ‘family’ but no one knows how to reach out and get it. Each of the players, and the coach, struggle to overcome ethnic hatred that sparked violent confrontations after the elections. The purpose of the series is to show that it is possible for people to overcome their differences for the good of all.

This latest season (Season 3) looks at alternative ways of dealing with conflict but also focuses on matters of leadership.  One of the characters, Ben, is elected a councillor (County representative under the new constitution) in a by-election and is faced with the unenviable task of mobilising his constituents against tribalism and for development.  Members of the football team assist in community work through this season and come in handy to support the new councillor, himself a football player and former of the team.