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Community Outreach: Looking Back, Moving Forward

For the past 4 years, Media Focus on Africa (MFA) together with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) has been facilitating inter-ethnic community dialogue sessions among the youths across the country, based on the drama series, The Team. This has been informed by the violence that rocked Kenya after the disputed 2007 elections that saw over a thousand people killed and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes. The nature of politics in Kenya is that it is built on ethnic foundations, and this is always magnified when the general elections draw near. This did not change in the 2013 elections and MFA together with SFCG saw it necessarily to increase their efforts in peace building by investing more in the dialogue sessions before the elections happened. The number of locations was increased to 16 from the previous 8, the number of participants per session increased to 80 from the prior 70, and elders were also included in the sessions, making the forums both inter-ethnic and inter-generational.  The new locations are Burnt Forest, Kitale, Mau Narok, Njoro, Sotik, Kwale, Busia and Migori.


The rationale for including elders in the forums was based on an understanding that he social dynamics in most African cultures work in a way that the elders decide while the youth implement. But having empowered the youth in the past years, we found it necessary to include the elders in the dialogue sessions and in the process get them to support the youth as they take more direct decision making roles in the communities.


In the first three years that we conducted the community dialogue sessions, the main objective had been to jointly find ways in which communities could peacefully co-exist and work together for the common good. This vision was commonly accepted and many youths in the eight locations we were working in then came up with ideas, some which have grown into projects, groups, clubs etcetera. A report by the University of Peace details the gains of the outreach activities.  See reports here


In this last year however (as Kenya approached the elections), discussions centered mostly on peaceful elections. Thanks to our efforts plus those of many other organizations and groups, the elections on the 4th of March 2013 were very peaceful and the reaction of Kenyans celebrated by many world-wide. We are however organizing a few post-election forums in the 16 locations, to give participants an opportunity to look back at the process and draw lessons as they chart the way forward. A key thing that most facilitators are keen on is the relationship between devolution and peaceful coexistence. The County governments are now being set up and there are potential points of conflicts in some counties with communities fighting over resource allocation. MFA and SFCG is closely monitoring the process



 If you missed the Team on radio, no need to worry. Download all episodes here and listen in any of the four languages.

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10 Dutch Parliamentarians, the Dutch Ambassador to Kenya together with Amnesty international Officials visited Kibera in 2011, in a tour designed to introduce them to development projects in the area. They witnessed the mobile screening of the team, and also got a chance to interact with participants.



It is said “The end of a matter is better than the beginning” The last episode of the Team was aired on October 24th 2011, with many glued to their televisions as attested by the comments on our social network sites. And surely it was a great season: Great entertainment, great actors, but most important, great insights on peace and leadership.  We are still welcoming your comments on the season on the season on this site and on our facebook and twitter pages.


Community screenings in Mathare, Kibera, Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kakamega, Kisumu and Mombasa also came to a close, with the last screening and discussions happening on October 25th 2011, one day after the last episode run on TV. The impact that the programme has been making in these areas is great.


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